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Luisa Turnip


Luisa Turnip

Yoga specialist / Tai Chi Instructor

Luisa is an Indonesian yoga teacher. One of reputable yoga teachers in Bali. She has been  practicing yoga over then 10 years, she began her yoga when she was 18 years, she traveled to different countries and share yoga. She is now working in many studios include her own studio as an independent teacher and consultant  yoga styles, Tai Chi instructor, running retreats and writing books of weight loss, yoga and diet nutrition

A friendly and likeable person, she has studied Tai Chi for as many years as her yoga and teaches Tai Chi, workshops and private classes. Having studied the yoga philosophy of Geranda Samhita, the Sutra Patanjali Sanskrit in an ashram with Guruji from India she brings a dimension many other instructors on the island do not. She is well versed in the many Mudras, Meditations, Asanas and Pranayamas of Yoga and their benefits. An active member of  the yoga community in Bali at the Bali-India Foundation and certified yoga teacher for 400 hours. She was once a student herself from a reputable ashram founded by a yoga charia missionary from India Guruji  Somvir  from the India lineage. Being awarded the honours of best female student in the school.

Luisa hails from Lake Toba Sumatra where the indigenous Batak culture is still very much part of every day life. She is also teach traditional Batak Horas Yoga which incorporates martial art forms involving balance, fluidity and breathing. She also hold an International Fitness Coaching License level 1 from GBR a Fitness Institute with Diet and Nutrition.  Finally she herself regularly enjoys her passion for skateboarding and surfs many of the surf breaks in Bali. She is fully aware of the importance of yoga and meditation in increasing the performance of athletes participating in these fields.

Den Diindayal

Den Diindayal - Yoga Instructor/Tea Master

Yoga Instructor/Tea Master

Area of Expertise:
  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)
  • Meditation
  • Himalayan Yoga
  • Traditional Chinese Tea Healing Ceremony
  • Workshop on Opening Chakras
Den Diindayal - is a Himalayan Yogi, a student and follower of Pilot Baba Ji, a guru of simplicity and master of tea ceremonies from Himalaya Mountains.
Himalayan Yoga is a connection of all directions of yoga, that were separated by humanity and time to many different flows and schools. This is a healing instrument, which heals body, mind and soul.
Chinese Tea Ceremony is a unique meditation. With the help of tea you will go deep and meet with your inner feelings and emotions.
In combination with yoga, meditation and tea ceremony, you will receive powerful charge to connect with your inner knowledge. You will use these important skills and apply this experience in life to become more happy and free.
I create special conditions, so that you could have this unique experience of opening guru in yourself, which will help you to find source of life and wisdom inside of you.
Using Method of Himalayan Yoga you can also choose one asana, one pranayama or one mantra, which fits you best and master it. I can show you the way how to use these tools to make your mind free so that it will not bother and will not block you. You will put away all doubts and will go deeper. When you learn how to open at least one channel, you will be able to open the rest 72 000.
I practice connecting yoga and Chinese tea to solve all kinds of problems in life. Together we can help you to join this wonderful experience of discovering yourself.

Jero Mangku
Jero Mangku. Mangku in Balinese means priest. He comes from a long line of traditional Balinese Hindu priests; his life is truly an offering. He is a happy and humorist person, spreading smile and happiness to his surrounding. He began teaching yoga over 5 years ago, and  is certified by the School of Sacred Arts here in Bali. He always brings strong elements of joy, peace, and harmony as well as effort and discipline into his yoga classes. Drawing from a deep knowledge of spirituality, he continues to build a large portfolio of work experience here in Bali. He is currently and has worked as a leading instructor at many reputable yoga studios on the Island. Great understanding of the body through his work and a life of practicing his yoga forms. His classes are very popular with locals, expatriates, and tourists alike. He is presently teaching classes at  Power of Now Oasis Yoga Studios in Sanur

Made Ji

Made Ji is a Balinese priest and healer, born to descendants of Priests (Pemangku) and Balians (Balinese Healer). His studies of Bali Usada (Health/Herbal Medicine) and Sri Murni (Inner Power) bring a depth to his particular Balinese style of yoga known as Ganapati Yoga or Raja Yoga Maha Shakti which is a combination of all yoga systems. Made Ji is certified yoga teacher from Radiantly Live in Bali.

Morina Turnip

Morina Turnip

Tai Chi Instructor / Yoga Instructor

Morina Turnip comes from a martial art family from Batak tribe from Samosir island, in North Sumatra. Martial art is a part of tradition that passes from parent to children where she and her brothers/sisters learnt Kung Fu and Tai Chi in their early age. Her grandfather has taught her Wudang style Tai Chi and her grandmother taught her Yang style Tai Chi, that enriches her skill in martial art. Began from her interest in forms of martial art has led her to like yoga strongly.  She became falling in love with yoga on her first time when he was introduced from one of her sisters who is a yoga teacher. Intensively, Morina learn to deepen her yoga with her sister. She is now assisting her sister on yoga retreat beside teaching Tai Chi.