How to Calm Mind?

Have you ever lost something you care of? Or broken – hearted from someone you love? That day,  it definitely will change your happy mood to sad. You become sad, your mind actively work around this problem ” being left and betrayed” Even your mind will not able to move on. Your brain analyzing that problem, reminding you of good times and then jump to the present of he or she has gone for someone else. You angry, and confused and sad. You will forget to eat, even you lost petite to eat, forget many things and can not sleep.

The prolonged sadness will lead to depression or stress that effects your physic . To overcome this, yoga postures is not going to help. Because the root of the problems is in the mind and not in the body. Therefore you must solved first from its root by knowing and realized of what the cause of your problem.

1. Sit in a comfortable posture in a cross-legged pose, place your hands mutually overlapping each other in front of you. Grab a pillow or folded blanket to sit on if needed. The point is that you can comfortably sit the whole time of your meditation.

2. Then close your eyes gently. Make sure your shoulder relaxed and not tense in the face

3. Start honest and open to yourself. You’re doing “Personal Counseling” between you and the universe “God”

4. Open the records  of regarding your involvement in the problem. For example,  you are left by your partner, to have affair with a another woman or man.  Be open and honest of what you feel. Soften your heart and release tension in your mind by releasing forgiveness to your ex partner. Let it go and begin to self love and self acceptance

5. Then lie down and sleep in peace. There are some cases in in our life meant to be happened, that is simply to be part of our life, some of them we happy of and some of them we are not.


Luisa Turnip " How to Calm Mind with Yoga"

Luisa Turnip

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  1. Posted December 16, 2019 at 6:15 pm by Kratika | Permalink

    That’s very informative. I have been thinking that doing different Yoga postures will help me relieve from the work-stress. I will now try meditating and see it’s effects. Thanks!

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