Yoga class and yoga teacher in Uluwatu

Are you looking for an uplifting yoga experience in the Bukit area? Drop in to one of our daily yoga sessions and enjoy sweeping ocean views, while receiving a superior yoga regimen from one of our highly trained, local instructors. Our cliffside studio at Padang Padang beach, centrally located 5 minutes from Uluwatu and Bingin beach, features 2 classes daily, in both the morning and afternoon. So have a look at our schedule below and we hope to see you soon!

All classes are suitable for all levels; beginners welcome!

Please inform your teacher of any injuries or medical conditions that may affect your yoga practice.


If you have question feel free to contact us
Telephone:+62 361 8042251
Mobile Phone: +62 821 24 333 264

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Retreats Detox Weight Loss for 2014

We welcome you in one of our retreats in 2014. Why our retreats? We are specialist of Detox weight loss management in Bali  , with ancient secrets diet and organized by nutritionist, qualified fitness/ yoga instructors who is a living testimonials will look after you. We  offer you a perfect balance of mind, body and spirit with fun activities, surfing, intensive yoga, daily nutritional education, cooking class with ancient diet, and hosted at a luxury villa yet reachable rate. Beautiful, fun, relaxing and healthy retreat!

Our retreat schedule for 2014


10th March – 17th March 2014

10th May – 7th May 2014

10th July – 17th July 2014

8th August – 14 August 2014

10th September – 17 September 2014

1st October – 7th October 2014

20th October – 27th October 2014

10th November – 17th November 2014

For booking contact:


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Diet and Nutrition

Below are some photos of the colourful foods that you should be replacing all the colourful food wrappers with. Just by simply doing this you will discover how quickly your body responds to what nature so readily provides.

We believe a correct and sensible understanding of diet and nutrition combined with a real understanding of personal hunger and thirst and simply learning to recognise the signals correctly are all part of the advise and teaching we offer. Weight loss is not difficult and happens steadily and easily with minor yet continual adjustments to our food and drink intake through out the day. We are able to offer very simple and effective guidelines to sensible and healthy eating that will not only help you achieve your ideal weight but will also help you remain there.

Our goal is to develop a better understanding of your

  • body’s essential core strength both physically, mentally and spirituality
  • this will enable you to move more freely
  • to become more flexible
  • to achieve better balance

This combined with our Yoga programmes, Tai Chi and Diet and Nutrition guidelines tailored to your lifestyle will

  • help you become stronger, physically, mentally and emotionally
  • help you achieve and maintain your ideal body shape and weight
  • Enjoy an improved sense of well being in your everyday life

When the above is combined slowly through understanding of ones self with the aid of our meditation programmes, you will most definitely experience an enlightened and more fun journey along your own personal path in life.

Come and enjoy the experience to a fitter, stronger, leaner and more balanced you.

“Water Water Everywhere” but people never drink enough

We are often asked about weight loss recommendations our customers as many people struggle with their body image and self esteem. However the most important factors that people rarely focus on is the strain extra weight puts on our internal organs and more importantly our joints. As we get older our joints often get weaker and more won but this does not have to be the case when we begin to understand about the load extra weight puts through our moving structural parts of our anatomy. It is absolutely critical that people with injured or arthritic joints learn how and continue to optimize their weight.

Weight Facts (Excerpt from knee clinic)

“The reason is simple: the average person takes 2 million steps per year with an impact measured at 1 – 5 times their body weight, depending on the height of the step. If you lose as little as 10 pounds, your joint sees up to 50 pounds less force per step, 2 million times per year. Ten pounds adds up to an enormous impact.”

Here are some very simple and effective guidelines for weight loss and optimization. They really work if you follow them and have worked well for people that we have worked with before.

So, how to lose weight? People vary. Schedules vary. Weight loss is extremely difficult for some people and not a big deal for others. The following describes our recommendations to our patients who are often busy executives who travel and cannot control the meals they are served. This works for us. Let us know if this works for you.

Weight Loss Target: 1 pound per week.

1. Drink and finish two tall glasses (16 oz) of tap water before lifting the fork at each meal.

2. Eat whatever you like except desserts.

3. Drink two tall glasses of water before bed.

4. Do not eat between meals.

5. Only drink water as a beverage during the day. (Except when exercising use isotonic fluid replacement drinks or Joint Juice®.

6. Drink a glass of water between any glass of liquor or wine. (So if you empty your scotch glass, next is a glass of water, then another drink.)

7. Exercise one hour each day, seven days a week.

8. Never, ever watch TV or read when exercising. You lose half the benefit of exercise if you are not focusing on your body, heart rate, sweat, and exertion. By feeling the workout, you get the wonderful addictive endorphins from exercise, you understand where your conditioning limits are, and you are able to push through them the next time.

Quite Simply; This program works because the water acts as a portion control device limiting how much you eat by physical satiation rather than mental rules. At first, this can cause frequent urination, but this gradually subsides. The daily exercise builds an addiction, and eventually you feel bad if you miss your exercise. The glass of water between alcoholic drinks reduces your alcohol volume, greatly diminishing the caloric load and lethargy of the next day. Try it for a month.

Lastly, play rather than workout whenever you can. Exercise is supposed to be fun, relaxing, and rejuvenating. Working out somehow sounds like work. Sign up for sports teams, play with friends, and join exercise groups.

Ultimately we find these tips helpful to optimize your weight, your fitness, and your mind for a healthy and satisfying existence.

For more information on joint rehabilitation and the importance of diet and nutrition visit the The Stone We endorse their philosophy regarding weight loss as we have found this very successful. Many people in our classes are aiming to lose weight and become more lean stronger and flexible. However when recovering from joint injuries and arthritis a personal will begin to fully understand the extensive benefits of Yoga and Tai Chi in strengthening without impact.

We are running a 7 day retreat in Bali Indonesia 5 times a year,  focusing on applying diet and nutritional advices as well as varied reprogramming techniques for weight loss. Our retreats are designed to not only get you active in a fun way and effective way but also feature daily education sessions for ensuring you learn how you approach, diet, exercise and healthy living. Take a look at our schedule and if it might suit to you contact us , we look forward to see you personally. 

I am Luisa Turnip, I thank to Jason Lunn has helped my English to write this article.  And to my beloved friend Matthew Soderstrom who is always there . I am an Indonesian and English is not my mother language, therefore to all readers I apology for any mistake made

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Large Group Yoga class at Power of Now Oasis

Our yoga instructors are also available to teach retreat large and small group
This is Luisa Turnip, she is invited to teach large group in one yoga centre in Sanur, name Power of Now OASIS. This group mix of beginner to intermediate level. She is giving adjustment to student according to their level.
If you wish to meet Luisa Turnip, she is also teaching at Ade Ray Fitness and Serenity Eco Villa in Canggu or if you would like to get her Yogic Nutrition advises contact us +6282145 333 264

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Samadhi or Meditation

Meditation is a self- counseling, where you, your inner self and your God is united. A moment where you give rest to your mind and letting the Universe, or I, Luisa ( the writer) call it God taking care of you. Being honest to your self of who you are , who you were, and who you want to be and bringing all failures, success, and worries, happiness you are having in your life and not trying to make your self become God by trying to control everything.

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