Yoga Classes in Uluwatu – Padang Padang


Yoga in Uluwatu Area


Are you looking for yoga class  in Uluwatu in the same time want to enjoy beach and sunset? We have it all here. Bukit is no doubt of it is beauty. Surrounded by amazing view of ocean, beaches. It has one of the best view for sunset from the cliff with golden or silver refection from the ocean sent back to the sky and it turned magic blue  color  during day. If you are a yoga lover or want to do yoga, you do not need to worry anymore to drive to Ubud or to Seminyak. There are yoga classes here.

Bukit has been always a spiritual place, even one of the most sacral place for us as local. You can have that experience here with one of the yoga class in our center. We are glad to practice with you. We run yoga classes every day, morning and afternoon. Our yoga teachers are experienced,  to make it short. Yoga is part of their life. This ancient exercise has been always in their blood, they meditate, they exercise and of course as yoga teachers they well educated about it, they all are certified. Event one of the yoga teacher is an author of yoga books that sell good nationally in this country or in other countries

Yoga teachers come on different styles, this influenced by their background such as tai chi blended with yoga.  Some of the classes accompany with traditional music ” hasapi” some not but all will bring you to the authentic of yoga of Bali.
Come to one or two of the classes . Our studio is exactly above the Padang Padang beach, and it is only 7 minutes drive from Uluwatu, and 10 minutes from Bingin, 15 minutes from Dreamland. Our studio located at the clifftop, with ocean overlooking. We also have great healthy food in our restaurant and swimming pool to to relax after or before class. Here is some information about our yoga. If you have any question feel free to contact us.


Morning        7:30 – 8:30
Afternoon     5:00 – 6:00

Drop in 110.000 IDR
or contact +62 ) 082145333 264 for membership


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How to Calm Mind?

Have you ever lost something you care of? Or broken – hearted from someone you love? That day,  it definitely will change your happy mood to sad. You become sad, your mind actively work around this problem ” being left and betrayed” Even your mind will not able to move on. Your brain analyzing that problem, reminding you of good times and then jump to the present of he or she has gone for someone else. You angry, and confused and sad. You will forget to eat, even you lost petite to eat, forget many things and can not sleep.

The prolonged sadness will lead to depression or stress that effects your physic . To overcome this, yoga postures is not going to help. Because the root of the problems is in the mind and not in the body. Therefore you must solved first from its root by knowing and realized of what the cause of your problem.

1. Sit in a comfortable posture in a cross-legged pose, place your hands mutually overlapping each other in front of you. Grab a pillow or folded blanket to sit on if needed. The point is that you can comfortably sit the whole time of your meditation.

2. Then close your eyes gently. Make sure your shoulder relaxed and not tense in the face

3. Start honest and open to yourself. You’re doing “Personal Counseling” between you and the universe “God”

4. Open the records  of regarding your involvement in the problem. For example,  you are left by your partner, to have affair with a another woman or man.  Be open and honest of what you feel. Soften your heart and release tension in your mind by releasing forgiveness to your ex partner. Let it go and begin to self love and self acceptance

5. Then lie down and sleep in peace. There are some cases in in our life meant to be happened, that is simply to be part of our life, some of them we happy of and some of them we are not.


Luisa Turnip " How to Calm Mind with Yoga"

Luisa Turnip

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Simple Guide to Yoga Pose of Turtle pose ( Kurmasana)

Turtle Pose is a simple yoga pose that helps to maintain health of your internal body organs. Here is a simple guide how to do this pose. Breathe normally. Start from sitting with legs extended forward. Separate your legs at twice hips width. Bend your knees; slowly lower your torso forward between your legs. Hook your arms under underneath your legs and wrap your hands behind your back at your waistline. Stay in this pose for several breaths and then release your hands to come out from the posture. Extend your legs and relax.

Physically – to increase productivity of kidneys, liver, colon, and stimulate function of lymphatic system.
Mentally – to soothe nervous system, to help relieve insomnia and mild stress.

Yoga pose Bali

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Things You need to know about Yoga

The Coconut Woman

Yoga has become popular nowadays.  In South Asia, India and Srilanka,  specially and some countries in Southeast, yoga is a part of religion practice.  While in Western countries began practicing yoga to achieve flexibility and reduce stress. Yoga classes focus on learning yoga postures in terms of so-called ‘Asanas’. Almost every cities in America has yoga center the same in Europe.  Traditional yoga practices associated with Hinduism. The meaning of yoga is Sanskrit word ‘unity’ between the Almighty and humans. A male who practices yoga is called ‘Yogi’ and women who practice yoga called ‘yogini’. In  modern culture, yoga is practiced in connection with religious beliefs, but only to achieve the benefits provided by it.
Yoga is originated from the southern part of India where the ancient saints to develop the posture observing other living creatures. They create movement patterns that can stimulate the entire body to perform better. Those who began practicing yoga will observe the change within themselves. Important things like kindness and compassion will begin in us.

There are many benefits yoga offers.  The major benefit of yoga practice is that practitioners can achieve the fulfillment of fitness. The fitness is not only gained physically , but will achieve higher strength mentally and emotionally. Different postures and breathing techniques associated with it will  bring your body to a state of perfect and state deep joy.

Regular practice of yoga will help in reducing weight if you have some extra weight. It will also slowly makes the body flexible. Yoga can improve posture and prevent pain , fatigue , arthritis. It has been proven as well  to cleaning lymph by moving the body organ with body contraction stretch muscles it increases lymph cleansing . This helps the lymphatic system fight infection and act to destroy cancerous cells , removes toxins. One of important component of yoga is to focus on the present time situation ( current situation). The study found that regular yoga exercises can improve coordination , reaction , memory. People who practice transcendental meditation is able to solve problem easier , because they process information better,  able to concentrate sharper.

As with other exercises, yoga also releases a pheromone that natural stress reliever. But in yoga is achieved with minimal stress and tension than other exercises. The yoga movements are reachable to everyone .These movements are specifically designed to stimulate the vital areas of our body. Therefore, it helps to de-toxing and de-emphasize our minds. Regular movements of the muscles in our body will enhance immunity. Although yoga can be termed as safe exercise, but there is still possibility to get injured . According to reports from the United States , quite a lot of injuries that occur while doing yoga , among other injuries of the neck, shoulder , calf to spine . Also certain body positions may increase the risk of incidence of bone loss , high blood pressure and may be harmful to pregnancy. Here are some tips before you do yoga

*  In the pregnant , consult your family physician before starting a yoga class in order to set limits for your safety .
*  Do not practice yoga without help of a certified and experience yoga instructor.
*  Know the limits of your body and do not force it to train excessively
*  Start practicing slowly and from the base .
*  Learn how to balance the body before exercise to increase the flexibility of the body .
*  Do not forget to warm up
*  Use exercise clothes that is comfortable for your body
*  Feel your own body . If you feel pain or pain in certain parts , stop exercising and consult your doctor .


Luisa Turnip

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July Retreat 2014

We are happy of our July retreat 2014. We had 3 people on our retreat, a very good number, everybody gets to know each other and feel more closer. Nothing better feeling then hearing someone you meet contacting you back and telling that she or he become happier then ever. She continue doing what she got from the retreat, one keeping on the yoga and the other on Tai chi or that they bring a bit of that and a bit of that. In the name of Bali Life Yoga team, our toppest feeling is to hear that our new friends from retreat grows spiritually and happy in their life. Here is some pictures from our retreat


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