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Samadhi or Meditation

Meditation is a self- counseling, where you, your inner self and your God is united. A moment where you give rest to your mind and letting the Universe, or I, Luisa ( the writer) call it God taking care of you. Being honest to your self of who you are , who you were, and who you want to be and bringing all failures, success, and worries, happiness you are having in your life and not trying to make your self become God by trying to control everything.

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Another season at Sentosa

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Yoga at Sentosa Villa with a women group from Australia

This a group of women from Australia stay in Sentosa Villa enjoyed women yoga. Anyone can benefit from yoga. People of all ages, background and culture

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Our New Logo!..

Bali Weight Loss Yoga now has a new logo andĀ  brand colours designed through cooperation with Luisa Turnip and Jason Lunn.

The outline is directly taken from a Jason Lunn photograph of your instructor Luisa Turnip doing some yoga positions on the edge of the reef at Low tide Balangan Beach in Bali. Luisa surfs and enjoys the tranquility yet healing strength of the ocean. The waves were powerful dry season swell conditions the day of the photo shoot and the idea was to align the harmony between the power and force of nature with the elegance and beauty of Yoga and Tai Chi. There is no stronger force on planet earth other than the ocean and it was no coincidence that Bali Weight Loss Yoga wants to associate itself with such a powerful force. Luisa wanted to combine the beauty of a strong, lean and flexible body with the images of hard rocks, sharp reef and powerful yet fluid movements of water. Bali Weight Loss Yoga fully understands the connection between water and the path to a balanced life. The human body ranges between 55% and 70% water content at any one time and it is our attention to personal hydration and relation to the forces of nature that allow us to develop fluid movements. These fluid movements when trained and developed regularly are what give us strength both on land and in water.

When we begin to understand how water is tidally affected daily by the moon cycle and the alignment of the planets we can begin to understand the universal affect different cycles and seasons have on our own lives through out the day time, night time, the months and the seasons.

When combined with our training and nutrition programmes you will genuinely begin to unleash an inner strength and power few have yet to really truly experience.

The radiance of the green aura in the logo represents the new energy releasing from your newly discovered and emergingĀ  flexibility and strength. It was important to get the colour of the silhouette correct, so we decided that they needed to be emerging from a spiritually enlightened Indigo Violet Inner Core, sending positive vibrations into your immediate surroundings. “Our Logo needed to represent correctly what we truly believe and define our lives by” said Luisa and in cooperation with Jason’s understanding of the inner workings of a skateboarders heart and mind we have designed one that we both feel truly represents our spiritualism, harmony and captures the movement of our Yoga and Tai Chi.

Bali Weight Loss Yoga helping you become a “conscious conduit of the universe and its limitless powers”

To contact Jason or view his photography please visit


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Welcome to Our New Website!…

Thanks for visiting our site, In our News/Blog section we will be regularly updating with events, photos and information on all the good things we are doing and have planned. Stay tuned and feel free to log in and leave a comment..

Many Thanks


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