Yoga and Tai Chi – Diet and Nutrition guidance Retreats

We offer a range of services Public yoga classes, Retreats and Private Tuition aimed at helping each person further develop their fitness, flexibility, strength and balance. We will help you achieve a lighter physique and reduce emotional and spiritual burdens along this path based on self discovery and enlightenment.

We work with people who attend our classes or retreats for many reasons. Some simply want to lose weight and feel good, whilst others want to discover their deeper inner spiritual path. We have recreational Yogis attending or classes developing their skills and some that decide that they want to continue with us on our Yoga Teacher Training.

1.Our services are available for large and small groups, both private individuals and corporate establishments. If you, a friend/s or a group from work would like to experience private yoga tuition in a location of your choice we can tailor a schedule that fits perfectly with your plans. Whether living in Bali or here for a holiday experience we can organise yoga that works for you

2.We also offer private tuition where required for individuals. We offer many style of Yoga for beginners and intermediate level yogis up to advanced and complex yoga moves and forms to a much deeper level. This is the perfect choice for people wanting to experience yoga privately to gain confidence before entering into class and group based yoga. Also private tuition is forĀ  yogis wanting to develop their skill level to more advanced yoga.

3.We have fully trained Internationally accredited and certified Instructors, we conduct our business in a professional, reliable and friendly manner.

4.We give Guidance regarding diet and nutrition. All of our instructors are mature adults with many years personal nutrition experience on food and nutrition that keep the body strong and flexible in reality.

5.All of the above is offered to your location or one of our many retreats for those wanting to find sanctuary in their development away from the daily routines.

6.Below is our price structure for reference for yoga / Tai chi Tuition

The prices are for 90 minute Yoga Classes.


7.Payment Methods

To book one of our Retreat or Private yoga/Tai ChiĀ  Tuition payable via bank transfer.